Experience a relaxing, full-body massage. Select one or a combination of deep tissue, Lomi Lomi, Swedish, sports, pregnancy, reflexology, pediatric, or other massage modalities.

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Hot Stone $20
Facial Massage $10
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Foot Scrub $20
Hot Towels $15
Aromatherapy $10
Cupping $20
Red Light Therapy $20


Indulge yourself or someone special in a luxurious experience.

All packages include rejuvenating full-body massage, hot stone, facial exfoliation, facial massage, foot scrub, and hot towels.

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Enjoy a medical massage covered by your health insurance.

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Select from our massage menu or ask our therapists which of the following massage styles you will enjoy most.


This massage utilizes both Swedish and American massage techniques as well as elements of Chinese and Korean massage. This approach combines the best of Western and Eastern techniques.


Sports massage, also known as athletic massage, is a technique that utilizes sound anatomical and physiological knowledge and an understanding of strength training and conditioning. Specific massage techniques can also enhance athletic performance. Sports massage is not just for athletes. Almost anyone can benefit from increased blood circulation, enhanced stretching, and improved range of motion. General benefits include hyperemia, circulation and lymph drainage to broaden muscle, tendons, and ligaments for flexibility, and a reduction in recovery time by as much as 50 percent.


Deep tissue massage is a technique that focuses primarily on the deeper layers of muscles. A deep tissue massage offers stress and pain relief, lowers heartrate and blood pressure, and increases mobility. When an injured area of the body heals, scar tissue forms. This includes the muscles, and deep tissue massage can help repair and improve movement.


Some potential benefits of pregnancy massage include reduced back and joint pain, improved circulation, and reduced edema, muscle tension, and headaches. A pregnancy massage can reduce stress and anxiety, improve oxygenation of soft tissues and muscles, and promote more restful sleep.


Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is an ancient massage modality used to heal, soothe, and rejuvenate. The technique was passed down through generations and enhanced by each. Lomi Lomi is a very popular massage here in the islands and also in Japan. Forearm and compression techniques are used to perform deep tissue massage along with various stretches and range of motion techniques. This massage also incorporates a unique abdominal massage.


Thai massage includes benefits of other types of massage, such as improved circulation, release of muscle tension, increased mobility and flexibility, as well as stress relief. Gentle pressure on energy lines and yoga-like stretching is used to relax the whole body on a deeper level. Thai massage focuses on the body’s energy lines, which can become blocked. Massage can clear these blocks and improve general well-being.


This massage offers help with trouble areas of the body, joints, improved blood circulation, reduced pain, and general well-being. Regular massage can also improve skin tone and posture. The major benefit of a massage is stress reduction. With reduced stress, you are free to think about other things and regain your focus. This can boost the immune system and heighten mental alertness.


Lymph massage can be used to help with cellulite, pregnancy, and PMS. It is also effective in reducing the swelling many women experience a few days before menstruation. In this case, massage is given immediately after the end of the cycle for a week.


Foot massage, or reflexology, is an alternative health therapy that focuses on reflex points to stimulate the body’s healing products. A problem in any part of the body will be reflected on the soles of the foot as toxins, waste products, or calcium deposits. These can cause discomfort and pain. Foot massage can treat illness and alleviate pain in organs and elsewhere.


This massage style is especially helpful for children with special, needs such as asthma, ADHD, atopic dermatitis, autism, burns, cancer, cerebral palsy, diabetes, dermatitis, and cystic fibrosis. Benefits include weight gain, increased respiratory function, reduced length of hospitalization, and improved parent and infant interaction. It can also improve sleep patterns and long-range behavioral and developmental testing scores. Developing sensory integration is a critical part of a child’s development, as we gather information through touch and other senses. When working with children, it is important to make them comfortable - sometimes making it a game. Kneading pizza dough or telling a story with touch can be extremely effective.


This massage uses the power of touch and pressure to balance the body’s energy flow. The Japanese word “shi” means finger and “atsu” means pressure. This is where this massage gets its name, but it has its roots in Chinese medicine. For this massage, pressure is applied, usually with the thumbs, for varying amounts of time.


The name Gua Sha comes from the Chinese language “gwa” means scraping, and sha means sand. Petechiae - small bruises – are visible after treatment, and the affected area has a noticeably higher temperature. This technique helps with chronic soft tissue pain and restores normal circulation, balance, flexibility, strength, and range of motion. It improves circulation superficially and may also affect deeper structures. It is most effective in combination with stretching.
Abnormal conditions are the result of a blockage of qi, life energy, which Gua Sha will help restore. Gua Sha can also improve circulation to affected tissue and restore the pH to neutral, which can decrease pain. A Gua Sha session can restore circulatory function and aerobic metabolism.


The following treatments can be added to your massage for an additional fee.



This technique is an older practice found in Tibetan and Chinese texts for about 3500 years. Cupping is a great way to relieve sensation of blockage in a physical or emotional sense, energy stagnation, relief of musculoskeletal rigidity, tension and pain, digestive problems, blood circulation problems, and a range of conditions related to humeral imbalance. Cupping therapy has the most profound effect on the movement as well as the substance of the blood, quality of qi, the wind element, and all bodily functions that come under their influence. It is also helpful with detoxing and breaking up knots.
Find out more about cupping.


Hot Stone

Hawaiian Hot Stone and Chakra blend Western and Eastern philosophies to balance the physical and the energy systems of the body. Western thought identifies physical and biological causes of health or sickness. Eastern thought suggests that the energy flow of the body determines health or sickness. This massage aims to lower blood pressure, improve heart rate, promote normal functioning of the body, and accelerate the elimination of waste products from the body.


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