Lomi Lomi originated in ancient Polynesia and was a Hawaiian healing practice that has been passed down through many generations. The goal of Lomi Lomi is for the mind and body to become one for the client to reach its full healing potential.

Lomi Lomi follows a traditional philosophy called Huna, which is a belief in which every single thing in the world seeks harmony and love.

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“Lomi Lomi” translates to ‘rub rub’ in Hawaiian and reflects the elongated, flowing strokes produced from the therapist’s arms. You can almost imagine it as if the therapist’s arms are moving like waves of the ocean. The strokes of this massage are used to help the body let go of stresses and strains that are common in everyday life. Every Lomi Lomi massage is controlled by the natural flow of your body and therefore, no two massages will ever be the same.

When visiting Hawai’i, you should experience a Lomi Lomi massage at least during some point of your vacation. Often referred to and known as the traditional Hawaiian massage, it is an ancient massage modality that is used to rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit by opening energy pathways within the body.

Lomi Lomi Massage Benefits

  • Increased spiritual energy in one’s self.
  • Improved circulation and immune response.
  • Increased range of motion and flexibility.
  • Improved posture.
  • Reinvigorated and restored body.


Interview with Keola Naone, our resident therapist and a specialist of Lomilomi massage.

Born and raised here on Oahu in a native Hawaiian family, Keola is a third generation practitioner of this very special form of massage.

Keola Naone - Honolulu Massage Therapist

Tell us a little bit about the history of Lomilomi?

Keola: Lomilomi as its known, is from Hawaii but similar related forms of massage with the same name can be found throughout much of Polynesia. It’s an ancient form of massage that may have come to our islands when the first Hawaiians arrived here. A lomilomi kumu, or master, spends their whole life perfecting their craft, and traditionally have worked on all types of people, including ali’i, warriors, and pregnant women. It was considered equally medical and therapeutic, for the mind, body, and spirit. It isn’t just bodywork, it improves the energy and spiritual condition as well.

How would you describe a Lomilomi massage?

Keola: A real Lomilomi massage deals with energy work, as well as muscular relief, so at the beginning of a session, a practitioner will seek guidance, and meditate or recite a traditional Hawaiian chant, either out loud or internally. The purpose is to let go of our own issues an ground ourselves so we can better dedicate ourselves to servicing our client and be receptive to their needs. The massage itself utilizes long, fluid strokes, and utilizes the strength of the entire upper body of the practitioner. We use our forearm and stones to give a smooth, relaxing sensation. It’s very effective for physical relief as well as giving a feeling of tranquility.

Tell us about your specific experience with Lomilomi?

Keola: I’ve been specializing in Lomilomi for over ten years but I come from a family of practitioners. My grandmother and her mother were healers. I think there is something special about committing yourself to Lomilomi, and carrying on the tradition in the land where it originated, and as a native Hawaiian, I love to be able to share my culture in a way that brings healing to others. My style is about bringing balance, harmony, and relief according to the principals of ancient Hawaiian healing and I utilize all three styles of Lomilomi and can specialize to the needs of our clients.

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Session time includes massage and a total of 10 minutes of time for consultation and dressing, which occurs both pre and post session.


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