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Ivana Cablova - Founder

NCBTMB-617298-12, MAT-12702
Languages Spoken: English, Czech

Ivana believes that the traditional natural treatment (including massage, acupuncture, a healthy exercise program, and a healthy diet) is one of the most powerful approaches to helping people live healthy. She has over 25 years of experience in...
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Paul A . Westcott

Paul A Westcott - Principal Massage Therapist, Thai Massage Certified, and Expert in all popular Massage Modalities

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, and some Japanese
Pressure Level (1-5): 3 to 4

Paul discovered his passion for massage and healing due to many compliments given to his skillful and soothing way of touch long before becoming a massage therapist. He graduated from the American Institute of Massage Therapy in Kailua and Thai Issan in Honolulu and has worked at...
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Alex Ciancio

Dr. Alex Ciancio L.Ac. D.Ac. - Clinical Acupuncture, Oriental

Medicine, Acupressure and Body-Work
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian
Pressure Level (1-5): 3 to 4

Alex has been in practice for more than 25 years now in the realm of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. He specializes in pain therapy and stress management. He believes it’s essential to apply the aspects of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in order to help us achieve a balance within our body mind and spirit. He loves ...
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Willimina Knight

Willimina Knight – Licensed Massage Therapist

Languages Spoken: English
Pressure Level (1-5): 3

Willimina (Mina) was born and raised in the Marshall Islands. She took her massage school at American institute of massage therapy in Kailua. She has 11 years experience in massaging and is specialized in deep tissue, sport, prenatal, hot stone ...
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Akiko Cessna, Honolulu Massage Therapist

Akiko Cessna – Licensed Massage Therapist and Esthetician

Languages Spoken: English, Japanese
Pressure Level (1-5): 3

Akiko worked at a luxury hotel spa for 15 years, helping enhance the Hawaii experience for visitors from all over the world.
She wants to use her experience to refresh and improve the lives of local clients.
Akiko is also a licensed ...
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Akemi Steinberg

Akemi Steinberg – Reiki Master, Licensed Massage Therapist

Languages Spoken: Japanese, English
Pressure Level (1-5): 1 to 3

Akemi is a highly experienced therapist who uses her own technique of massage to make sure all her clients leave with a smile. Her style is popular in her native...
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Keola Naone - Honolulu Massage Therapist

Mark (Keola) Naone - Licensed Massage Therapist

Languages Spoken: English
Pressure Level (1-5): 1 to 5

Keola is a third generation massage therapist in his family. Thus, it was a natural calling that drew him into massage therapy. Keola is passionate in his work and specializes in Lomi Lomi...
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Mikayla Simoneau​ - Licensed Massage Therapist

Languages Spoken: English
I'm a dedicated and gifted bodyworker and massage therapist, who is committed to the needs of each individual client. Each session is customized to meet the client's goals. Sessions are created to promote relaxation, reduce pain, and increase mobility.
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Minami Tsuchiya

Minami Tsuchiya - Licensed Massage Therapist

Languages Spoken: Japanese, English
Pressure Level (1-5): 3

Minami was drawn to massage therapy because she wanted to help people to feel relaxed. She specializes in Shiatsu and Lomilomi massage therapy because she was ...
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