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Reflexology is the art of foot massage originating in China. This modality’s powerful influence reached the ancient Egyptians for its ability to heal.

It is believed energy runs through the body in channels known as meridians (or energy channels). Reflexologists believe illness is caused by blockages in the meridians. These blockages inhibit the flow of life enhancing energy, referred to as ‘chi’, causing the accumulation of negative energy resulting in pain or disease.

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Foot Massage in Honolulu

Benefits of a Foot Massage:

Increases the flow of energy and circulation
Stimulates the digestive system
Toxins are eliminated from the body
Reduces stress
Equivalent to a full body massage
Ali Headeacha, a well-known reflexologist from the United Kingdom states, “The massage is designed to restore the delicate balance between the different body systems and functions, and when this happens harmony is restored. As a consequence of this, and because reflexology is so relaxing, it is also very effective in pain relief, as tension is taken out of the body and stress reduced, so pain is also reduced”.

Who Benefits from Reflexology & Foot Massage?

According to ‘The Complete Illustrated Guide to Reflexology,’ “people of any age or sex–the elderly, women, men, teenagers, children and babies–can derive positive benefits from reflexology”. The technique of reflexology massage stimulates the meridians which promotes healing and relaxation.

Every part of the foot corresponds to an area of the body and when stimulated, can equate to a full body massage. There are over 7,000 nerve endings in the feet connected to the whole body through the central nervous system. Massage of the feet, and therefore these nerve endings stimulate the body, which promotes self-healing.

Due to the natural detox of reflexology, it’s recommended not drink alcohol in the 24 hours before or after a session, as the effects of alcohol can be intensified.

Although individual results vary, the soothing action of reflexology generally leaves the recipient feeling deeply relaxed and peaceful.

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