Pregnancy Massage has been known to be a crucial step in the most enduring months of a female’s life. With professional help, this journey can turn into a far better experience, instead of living with the stress that is aching to get out of your body.

Many people all around Honolulu commonly ask us “why pregnancy massage?” You’ll be shocked to find out just how big of a difference this can make during your prenatal journey.
Pregnancy Massage

Why is Pregnancy Massage Important?

Those who received massage at least twice a week for five weeks increased beneficial hormones including dopamine and serotonin while decreasing stress hormones such as norep inephrine (increases heart rate and blood pressure) and cortisol (a crucial hormone to protect overall health and well-being). This helps to boost mood and improve cardiovascular health contributing to an overall healthy pregnancy.

Studies have shown that hormone levels linked with relaxation and stress are altered when massage therapy is introduced to a woman’s prenatal care.

Time to relax before the big day is always appreciated. In fact, experts recommend coming in about once every 4 weeks, up to week 27. Afterwards, you will want to come in every other week, up to week 36. Then you will come in weekly up until week 36 or until you give birth. Yay!

What Is The Prenatal Process Like?

Special care is taken into consideration for patients receiving prenatal massage. Clients will most likely be lying on their side and the therapist might use specifically designed pillows to help support their knees and feet.

We use lavender oils to enhance the relaxation during your appointment. Usually by half way through your pregnancy, you will be more comfortable laying on your side so we can ensure a relaxing experience.

We have given hundreds of prenatal massages, one of them being our client Kathleen who came in just 3 days before her due date and gave a video speaking about her experience!

Pregnancy Massage Benefits

Alleviates back pain
Improves circulation
Improves sleeping patterns
Relieves everyday discomforts
Stimulation of soft tissue
Reduces swelling joints

A Pregnancy Massage At Our Clinic in Honolulu.

Do you charge extra for a prenatal massage?

No we do not charge extra. We love to give prenatal massages to anyone, and you shouldn’t have to pay more for this natural occurrence. Although a prenatal massage requires expert knowledge, our clinic in particular doesn’t charge extra.

Best place for a Deep Tissue on Oahu?

Deep tissue massage is one of the most requested massage modalities at Hawaii Natural Therapy on Oahu. Book our signature Combination Massage and request a deep tissue massage to reap the benefits.


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