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Pressure Forms Diamonds: 8 Phenomenal Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue pain can have many causes, but often not many solutions; a deep tissue massage could be just what you need to release that tension. Visit Hawaii Natural Therapy for more information or to schedule a deep tissue massage in Honolulu today!

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What to Believe About Deep Tissue Massage: Myth vs. Fact

You’ve heard the phrase, “pressure forms diamonds” haven’t you? Well, sometimes a little extra pressure can create something beautiful! In this case, we’re talking about Deep Tissue massage and the incredible healing benefits it offers through releasing tension throughout the body. 

The precise origin of deep tissue massage has not been clearly identified but experts believe that this modality dates back to use by ancient Egyptians. Later in history we see clear evidence of deep tissue massage around the 19th century was used in Canada to treat different medical conditions, namely whiplash. In the late 1800s, deep tissue massage was introduced in the United States but was not practiced much at that time. A Canadian physical therapist by the name of Therese Pfrimmer developed a clear procedure in 1946 for the modality while attempting to recover from paralysis in her legs. Therese published a book in 1970 by the title of “Muscles: Your Invisible Bonds” and deep tissue massage expanded throughout the United States and globally in popular use addressing soft-tissue injuries and more chronic pain.

Deep tissue massage has since been established to treat a wide range of conditions such as musculoskeletal complications (strains or sports injuries). 

This style of massage therapy is designed to release tension within deeper layers of the fascia and below through the muscle; reaching through these layers can help improve mobility, reduce pain exponentially and release tightness in problem areas. 

You may have heard some of the common myths about deep tissue massage - for example, “deep tissue massage can be painful and leave you with a lot of bruising”, this is not true! Your massage therapist will speak with you about any questions or concerns you may have, but rest assured that your comfort and relaxation will always be top priority at Hawaii Natural Therapy! 

Here are a few more common misconceptions about deep tissue massage:

The Top 8 Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

There are far more that just eight benefits of deep tissue massage, but we thought we’d start with just a few of the top reasons you should consider a deep tissue massage:

  1. Treatment of Chronic Pain
    • If you are experiencing persistent muscle pain, deep tissue massage can help to relieve that pressure by releasing patterns of chronic tension throughout the body. Pressure with the fingers combined with slow stroking help to sooth pressure points and release build up. It is reported by the American Academy of Pain Medicine that approximately 100,000,000 Americans are suffering from some type of chronic pain. Research shows that deep tissue massage therapy can not only relieve this pain but in many cases cure the underlying causes.
  1. Reduce Inflammation
    • There are many causes for inflammation; response to injury, build up of toxins, and more. Deep tissue massage effectively aids to reduce inflammation in problem areas and has potential to address underlying causes of that inflammation. This technique works to break up “knots” in the muscle causing inflammation and release build up tension.
  1. Sports Massage / Injury Recovery
    • It is highly recommended in the athletic world to schedule regular massages. Anyone who has ever played a sport or been active knows that athletes are likely to experience muscle injury and soreness on a more regular cadence. From increase in range of motion and blood flow to improvement in overall performance and speed of healing; deep tissue and sports massage has many wonderful benefits. Note: Be sure to discuss pain management with your doctor before scheduling your deep tissue massage if you are currently recovering from injury or surgery.
  1. Increase Range of Motion
    • Deep tissue massage can improve joint flexibility and overall range of motion as if releases build up in the muscle known as “knots”. Similarly to a deep stretch, deep tissue massage will release endorphins and release tension and stress as pressure is applied. After your session you will feel the significant difference in stretch and reach depending on the level of tightness.
  1. Improve Posture
    • Posture can transform the way a person looks and feels from the inside out. If you’ve experienced injury or just simply have maintained a poor posture throughout life, deep tissue massage can help to restore proper alignment and provide pain relief.
  1. Reduce Headaches
    • Headaches are one of the most common afflictions complained about in the United States, typically caused from stress, lack of sleep or self care, or just plain tension! Deep tissue massage can ease the tension by increasing circulation and blood flow throughout for full relaxation. 
  1. Lower Blood Pressure and Reduce Stress
    • Massage therapy in all forms acts to reduce stress levels and tension. Deep tissue massage specifically works to target specific areas of tension and work to shift and move toxins to be cleared out through the bloodstream and lymphatic system. 
  1. Digestion and Overall Circulation
    • Deep tissue massage can help to improve symptoms of chronic constipation and irregularity. Toxins build up overtime in our bodies and sometimes need a helping hand to filter them out; this modality is a great tool to support gut health and proper circulation throughout the body's systems.
Deep tissue massage can help with build up tension and stress. Schedule a deep tissue massage near you today at Hawaii Natural Therapy!

Deep Tissue vs. Swedish Massage

Depth of pressure is the number one difference between deep tissue and Swedish massage. The therapist will use a light gliding style during Swedish massage sessions vs a weighted depth of pressure of a deep tissue massage. 

The Swedish modality is a lot gentler and focuses on the superficial layer of your muscles, it is typically aimed to promote calmness and reduce everyday muscle tension. Swedish massage should lead the body into full relaxation with a light to medium pressure.

Deep tissue massage is aimed to target specific areas of pain and tension, and can aid in treating sports related injury around muscles and tendons. The benefits of a Swedish massage are incorporated into a deep tissue style massage for all inclusive healing. Someone with high levels of stress would more than likely opt for a deep tissue massage over a Swedish style for the additional benefits. For areas like the lower back, shoulders and stiffness in the neck; deep tissue targets the inner layer of your muscles and releases tension to open mobility of joints. Deep tissue is perfect for anyone experiencing posture issues, osteoarthritis, any muscle tension, or chronic pain.

Deep Tissue Massage Performed at Hawaii Natural Therapy 

Is Deep Tissue Massage Painful?

Deep tissue massages should not have to be a painful experience for anyone! The client should always take the lead based on the individual level of pain or discomfort experienced, there may be times where multiple sessions are needed to address a specific problem area. Person to person, everyone has a different threshold for pain, please make sure to communicate this with your therapist for the best results. You should feel comfortable speaking directly to your therapist about a plan of treatment. You should never bruise from a deep tissue massage, be sure you are always seeking a trainer professional for treatment. 

Although the goal of a deep tissue massage is not to hurt you, the common misconception that “deep tissue massage is painful” has a slight truth to it. There is a slight discomfort that comes with the pressure falling directly on a problem area, however the release and relief experienced post session is often more than worth the few moments of discomfort. Feedback during your session is always important, make sure communication and dialog are open so long as you need to continue to update your therapist. Deeper and deeper is not always better, if you’re feeling extreme discomfort during your session or if a problem area is too painful to put pressure on, tell your massage therapist and they will adjust!

Speak with your doctor for approval prior to treatment if you have issues with blood clotting, have had very recent injury, are over the age of 55 or have any major health risks.

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It’s Time to Book Your Deep Tissue Massage in Oahu with Hawaii Natural Therapy

If you are experiencing chronic muscle pain or tension, deep tissue massage could be beneficial for you to schedule a deep tissue massage weekly or bi-weekly until the problem area is treated or pain has subsided. 

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