Holistic Healing With Lomi Lomi In Hawaii

Have you ever visited Hawaii and fell in love with the enchanting islands that offer beautiful hikes, crystal blue oceans, and scenic mountain ranges? Have you heard of holistic healing with Lomi Lomi in Hawaii? Did you notice the way the land emanates an energy that words can not describe?

No wonder, this energy is a feeling.

A deeply rooted connection between man and land.

The people of the islands hold wisdom, story, and traditional healing practices.

One thing that you will learn is that Hawaiian people value the importance of health. Another word used for health is “ola” which means life.

Simply put, there is no ola without health.

It is a powerful statement when you let it sink in. So you can imagine the importance of overall well-being. Let’s explore what this entails in the realm of massage therapy.

Elements of Healing and Lomi Lomi in Hawaii!

We talk about Holistic Healing With Lomi Lomi In Hawaii from a whole-body point of view, which means that physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness are equally essential to rejuvenation.

A few basic examples of what these four elements consist of:

Physical Wellness:

  • Attending to the body through physical movement.
  • Proper nutrition.
  • Sleep.
  • Stress management.
  • Sexual health.
  • Cold and Flu maintenance and prevention.

Mental Wellness:

  • Self Acceptance.
  • Ability to manage day to day tasks (ex. work).
  • A sense of purpose in life.
  • Personal Exploration.
  • Relationships.
  • Sense of security and confidence.

Emotional Wellness:

  • Ability to express emotions such as anger, sadness, joy.
  • Allowing yourself to feel all emotions.
  • Having healthy and responsible ways of handling emotions.
  • Learning from experiences.
  • Choosing growth.
  • Routine Self Care Practices.

Spiritual Wellness:

  • Having values.
  • Set of Principles.
  • Morals and Beliefs about Life
  • Appreciating life's experiences.
  • Alignment with Values and Beliefs.

What does this mean for you?

That massage is a powerful tool used in traditional holistic healing practices in Hawaii, and it is recognized worldwide. What we are doing here is encouraging you to take a deeper look at the four elements that make up your well-being and simply reflect on which of them need your attention. 

In traditional Hawaii, healing can not happen without healing the spirit.

Overall, the mind, body, soul, and nature are all connected to our health. 

The land, trees, oceans, and winds affect the mind, body, and spirit through the energy the soul feels from the Islands. 

Keeping the peace between self, family, the land, and the gods are crucial to living a prosperous life. That is the traditional healing philosophy, harmony between man, nature, and the gods. 

Importance of maintaining the land is to help the health of people.

In the realm of traditional healing in Hawaii, when we break the law or are involved in some kind of evil act- that is when we become ill. 

The Ancient Practice of Lomi Lomi Massage Here on Oahu

Lomi Lomi Massage is designed to create a connection between mind and spirit. Let us break down the meaning of Lomi Lomi. 

It is known to be a “Loving Hands” massage. Lomi stands for “to take a turn, to shift”,  and “Lomi Lomi” is said for emphasis. 

To shift is a sacred shift within you that is inspired by the healing kahuna. 

The Kahuna is here to help heal and rejuvenate. 

Kahuna Lomi Lomi is a physical therapist who is proficient in the massage. Often they are chosen in childhood, at an age as young as five. If a parent felt a “healing spirit” within their child, they would often send them to a Kahuna, where they would spend fifteen to twenty years learning herbs, anatomy, and other treatments. 

Nonetheless, mastery takes a lifetime. 

Before the massage, the Kahuna will go out and pray while picking the herbs that are needed for the treatment. It is crucial that no one distracts them and breaks the vibration of the process.

In ancient Hawaii, the healing practice of Lomi Lomi Massage was used for:

  • Luxury and aid in digestion by the ruling chiefs.
  • A form of restorative massage within the family.
  • By the Masters of Hawaii in Martial Arts.
  • By Native Healers.

The Lomi Lomi Massage Method Explained:

The Lomi Lomi Massage is said to be one of the most relaxing massages. 

The method of Lomi Lomi Massage is to work deeply into the body and muscles with continuous and flowy strokes. The Kahuna Lomi Lomi will also use nut oils and elements of prayer during the treatment. 

Music and the sound of waves is also a powerful tool used during Lomi Lomi Massage to choreograph the flow of the hands during massage.

This is a full-body massage which includes: Arms and Hands, Legs and Feet, Neck and Back, as well as the Stomach and Buttocks.

**Keep in mind that it does not have to include sensitive areas. 

The benefits of Lomi Lomi Massage:

All this talk about Lomi Lomi Massage and not a mention about the benefits

Lomi Lomi is a therapeutic practice which brings the mind to an absolute stillness. Let’s be real, we can all use a little bit of that nowadays. Stillness. 

Explore more of the benefits behind Traditional Lomi Lomi on our main page!

This has all been so helpful! Now where can I book my own Lomi Lomi Appointment?

Call us at (808) 200-4611 or request an appointment online to schedule your first session today. We are excited to heal with you, naturally and holistically. Have a great day friends!

Mariya Chebotarova

Mariya Chebotarova

I am on a mission to empower the hearts of others to do the hard work on themselves, and live a more fulfilling life.

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