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Benefits Of Corporate Massage Therapy in Honolulu

Running a business has its own set of responsibilities. When you hire a team of staff to help you run your business, your commitment becomes the people of your business. The benefits of corporate massage therapy at our clinic in Honolulu can serve as a guide.

Your employees work hard on the production line, right in the thick of it all. They are selling a product, executing projects, meeting deadlines ensuring that everything is running smoothly.

As business owners, we must look after our people the same way they look after you. Being a role model in the workplace by having self- care practices is a must to running a healthy business.
Corporate Massage Therapy in Honolulu
Having a proper self-care routine encourages others to adopt the same practices. To teach those around us to be better to themselves builds trust and a higher level of value for showing up for the business.

Here are five benefits of corporate massage therapy for you and your workers.

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1. Physical Well-being
Spending 8 hours per day, five days a week is incredibly challenging on the body that leads to obesity and stiff joints. Assuming that your employees get a solid 8-hour sleep per night means they spend 50% of their time at work. Leaving them with 8 hours total to do their personal life.

That should paint a picture of how much time each individual invests in you and your business. And how much time they have to spend on themselves.

Giving the gift of massage therapy for your employees is more than a “perk”. It is a gift of health that can nurture bodies as well as rid of daily pain from lack of movement and exercise. Other benefits include better circulation, lower muscle tension, and joint mobility/flexibility.
To start here are five self-massage techniques that require no equipment and can be done anywhere.
2. Better Sleeping Patterns
We all have those days; feeling sluggish at work even after three cups of coffee by the late afternoon. Sleep is vital for each individual to heal and restore the physical body.

A continuous deficiency in proper sleep is tied to obesity, high blood pressure, cranky people, and inefficient employees. When we don’t give the body time to restore, we put ourselves at risk for lower immune systems which means cases of flu and colds.

Advantages of corporate massage therapy can help with better sleep for your staff. The body, specifically the brain, is meant to sleep during the massage because it recognizes that it is time to heal.

A single 1-hour massage can help an individual feel more alert and energized, the equivalent of a 7-8 hour sleep! What this means for you: Happier, efficient, and healthy people in the office.
3. Lower Stress Levels
Can we stress the stress level issue enough in our society? Let alone in the workplace?

Here is how you can tell when your employees are under stress: Interpersonal conflict, little or no productivity, little concentration, and defensiveness.

Corporate massage therapy and well-being can be an excellent stress buster in the office. Lowering heart-rate, releasing feel-good hormones, and increasing relaxation in a person can help with reducing stress-related depression and anxiety levels.
4. Reduce Painful Migraines
Do you have employees in the workplace who suffer from migraines and headaches? Migraines are an invisible illness which makes it challenging to feel and understand what a person is experiencing during an attack.

A migraine is a throbbing like pain on one side of the head. Pain levels can range from moderate to severe, causing sensitivity to light, sound, nausea, and vomiting. In some cases, a migraine can last anywhere from a few hours to days.

During a massage, our body releases serotonin which can reduce migraine pain. We also use essential oils during the massage, which help relieve stress, tension, and headaches, such as peppermint oil.
5. Healthy Immune Function
Having a healthy immune system is a must in this day and age. Especially in the office when we are sharing space with others. No more being a hero and showing up sick to work, put your well-being first. As business owners, we must lead by example with this.

Pay attention to individuals who are tired all the time, suffer from tummy troubles, and stress-levels higher than the sky. These are tale signs of lower functioning immune systems.

We must give our bodies time to heal and treat them with care.

Often we give our employees time off work to do this. What if we chose to rise and step up for our workers? Encourage them to take time for themselves. Investing in your staff is a longterm benefit for you, as a business owner — increasing morale and productivity in the workplace.
Corporate Massage Therapy in Honolulu

Are you Interested in Signing Up?

You can now sign up for a corporate massage program for your business. Find out about our pricing, as well as more information here.

The membership program we offer is called Ola Loa. It means long life and longevity in Hawaii. Our goal is to look after your people and give them a chance to heal and restore from work to everyday life.

We offer regular monthly massages at significantly discounted rates and bonus perks for you and all of your staff. We want to be part of this healing journey with you and to help foster better relationships and performance at work through wellness and support.

Call us at (808) 200-4611 or request an appointment online to schedule your first session today. We are located at 350 Ward Ave #210. In the heart of Honolulu! We are excited to heal with you naturally, for the better health of your team!