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5 Self Massage Techniques with No Equipment

When approached with the idea of massaging yourself, you often start to miss the idea of someone else’s touch on your body and the way that you connect with their spiritual guidance. You may not even be thinking about there being 5 self massage techniques with no equipment that you could bless yourself with at home, it’s quite interesting.

Some may even wonder how it would be possible to do so since you couldn’t even tickle your own body if you tried, and don’t pretend like we haven’t all secretly tried that before. The mind just doesn’t connect the way that you would think it would.

Is this a good option during lockdown or quarantine?

If you have found yourself caught at home during a worldwide crisis, and haven’t felt safe going outside into the normal world just yet, exploring your own body and senses could be a fun & feel-good option for you, especially because of the benefits that your body absorbs when performed correctly.

This is the perfect option for someone stuck at home during quarantine or lockdown here on Oahu.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, or take a lot of time on self-therapy, leaving you with a cost effective approach at healing your own body at home when you don’t have the freedom of going to a professional clinic. Well let’s explore!

Why Self Massage?

Many health gurus consider self-massage to be a viable option for the relief of pain, caused by stress, and muscle tension. The benefits go far deeper than you could imagine with giving your own body therapy, going from reduction in pain, muscle soreness, and swelling all the way to improving immunity and better sleeping patterns.

Self-massage techniques could transform the way you live your life, providing you with optimal health, a better posture, more confidence throughout your day, improved work efficiency, and a better mind-body sense. We could all agree that exploring your own body and senses could provide you with a better mind-body relationship and could be a big shift towards optimal health.

So my friends, here are the top 5 different massages to perform on yourself with no equipment:

1) The Self Head Massage With No Equipment
Place your thumbs high up on your cheekbones to get a good grip over your head and temples. In a circular motion, apply pressure with your pointer fingers on your temples. Breathe in the fresh air of the earth, and let it fill your lungs, exhaling after a few seconds.
2) The Self Hand Massage With No Equipment
For those who sit at a computer all day or continue to use their hands for many of their daily jobs, those good old hands may need a bit of tension released! Begin by placing your hands over the heel of your palms and start applying pressure in a circular motion, moving over from your pinky side to thumb side.

Next, apply pressure at the base of each finger and move it in a circular motion to relax each individual muscle. Move up and down each finger, massaging each different muscle and finish by gently pulling at your finger to release pressure at the joints.
3) The Self Neck & Shoulder Massage With No Equipment
Just about anything that involves sitting for a big period of time during your days could stiffen your neck & shoulder muscles, which could cause a variety of different issues. Such issues could range from a poor posture (bad for overall confidence), to back pain and tension.

You can start this one by placing about 3 fingers where your neck and shoulder connects, apply a firm amount of pressure, and release when the muscle along your neck feels more relaxed. Next, you will want to roll your shoulders back and forward slowly. Once your neck pain feels relaxed & alleviated, you will want to place your fingers over your upper trapezius, squeezing your trapezius a few times and massaging the area to relaxation.
4) The Self Massage for Constipation With No Equipment
This could be a rather unpleasant feeling of abdominal pain & discomfort, so this type of massage could stimulate a bowel movement when done correctly. And we all know how good that feels (Not just the massage part). When you are ready, lay down flat on the floor and place your hands along your lower stomach, near your pelvic bone. Begin massaging clockwise in a circular motion and slowly move up towards your pelvic bone for about 2-3 minutes. Enjoy the benefits!
The Self Massage for constipation to stimulate a bowel movement.
5) The Self Knee Pain Massage With No Equipment
For anyone struggling with knee pain, either you or a friend, we all know it isn’t fun at all to deal with. During the act of massaging your knee, we will be looking for different trigger points above and below the cap of your knee.

For about 5-10 minutes, place your fingers above and below the knee, and begin gently squeezing the area. For the next 5-10 minutes, press your thumbs into the side of the knee and gently glide them from the top to the bottom while maintaining pressure. Love on your knees. Breathe deeply, inhaling the goodness of the fresh air, and exhaling the bad energy.

What are the benefits of performing these 5 self-massage techniques?

Improved posture and overall body alignment.
Better mind-body relationship.
Relieve bodily pain & tightness.
Decreases stress & anxiety.
Takes away headaches.

What can I take away from these Self Massage Techniques?

Now we know that not all massages require the most expensive equipment to be able to perform good therapy on yourself. The selected techniques above have been taught to us by professionals, and now we are here to share them with your beautiful souls, so you are able to better take care of yourself at home, or the freedom of your office space.

During the performance of these amazing 5 Self Massage Techniques With No Equipment, keep your deeper breath and bodily relationship in mind to relax into each individual massage.

We hope that you are able to connect with your body a bit deeper each and every day to reach your goal of optimal health, and we are here with you every step of the way. Aloha!