Welcome to our Wellness Blog

Hello to all of the other crazy people who constantly dedicate their time to hardcore health, strenuous hikes, and wellness! Ours names are Ivana and Jaro. So you’re wanting to hear a bit more about our lives on Oahu right? (We’re assuming that’s why you’re here).

Well, fellow friends, here is our 16 years of knowledge on the island crammed into an article.
Alongside with running Hawaii Natural Therapy, all of our free time has been dedicated in exploring epic locations, hikes, and surfing.

We’re looking for the real adventures, like the harder hikes, sacred waterfalls, cliff jumping around the island (not Ivana), surfing the North Shore and learning about natural healing techniques every single day.

Not only is our team a group of hardcore health fanatics, but the work they put in learning new massage techniques for the better health of our clients is profound.

Yah yah yah, you have heard it all before. Massage is here to save your life and what not. Guys, this is a part of our maintenance, kind of like brushing your teeth in the morning.

I don’t know a ton of people who wake up and don’t brush their teeth, and neither should you. Treat your body the same way!

Our team’s vision is to change the path of your well-being, and to provide you with some of the most awesome, easy, hardcore, and thrilling things to do around the island too. So feel free to bookmark this blog, get it tattoo’d on your body or whatever. Just kidding, that would be dangerous.

Print it out and put it up around the house for inspiration. Trust me. That is much safer.

This blog will consist of hikes that you could find just about all over Oahu, massage inspiration, wellness tips, and fun activities to do here in Hawaii which will be uploaded every single Friday.

Welcome to our wellness blog, we are thrilled in being a part of your adventure and wellness journey. Stay tuned for a new blog every Friday!