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Top 5 Ways of Maintaining Good Health During COVID-19 in Hawaii

There is no doubt this pandemic has taken a toll on many of us, and now it is a reality we live in. Adjusting and transitioning every single day. These top 5 ways of maintaining good health during COVID-19 in Hawaii will act as a template for your good health during this time.

Ask yourself this question, have you also bent the rules a little here and there just so you didn’t have to wear a mask? Or invited an extra person to come and join you for dinner at your place.

But have you taken something else into consideration?

Your current lifestyle and how you choose to operate daily regarding all things health and wellness? Perhaps you enjoyed a bit more wine last night than you should.

Or worse, you stayed up watching the reruns of Hawaii 5-0 and barely got any sleep.

It is too easy to fall into bad habits, and before you know it, you are in a rut, and you cant climb your way out of this one.

So here’s a little tough love to help get you back on track with these top 5 ways of maintaining good health during COVID-19 in Hawaii.
COVID in Hawaii

On today’s Health & Wellness agenda:

1. Why is it important to maintain good health & wellness during a crisis?
2. What are the top 5 ways to maintain good health during COVID-19?
3. What are my available resources in Hawaii during COVID-19?
4. What are my options to maintain an active lifestyle/routine in Hawaii during limited exposure?

Why is it important to maintain good health & wellness during a crisis?

Let us dig in a bit further into this…

Why do you think this is important for you?

Let’s take a look at this list together, and we invite you to tick off those that apply to you because they are important.

List of Things I Don’t Want:

  • I don’t want to catch COVID-19 and spread it to my family.
  • I want to be prepared for whatever comes next and be self-sufficient
  • I don’t want to fall into a rut and feel afraid/sad/alone.
  • I don’t want to lose the chances of seeing my friends and family.
  • I don’t want to die.
  • I don’t want to fall deeper into my depression or get depressed.
  • I don’t want to be isolated.
Which ones apply to you? Or do they all apply? Perhaps we missed a few, and you want to add them to this list.

Maintaining your health and wellness during the COVID crisis is crucial because if you don’t, you heighten your chances of losing control of yourself, your life, and your privileges that allow you to see family, go outside and virtually stay connected with others.

There are no excuses when it comes to your health and wellness.

Perhaps we can look at the realistic things we do want during COVID-19; aside from the obvious of life going back to “normal,” what are some things that you are grateful for?

Let us name a few together, and perhaps you can grow your list from reading ours.

List of Things I am Grateful For:

  • I enjoy connecting with my family every day or every week.
  • I am grateful that I get to be with my spouse and kids.
  • I enjoy sitting down and sharing meals with my family.
  • I am grateful that I don’t have to isolate myself from my family.
  • I am grateful that I can still go outside and move my body.
  • I am thankful for the free time to finally get into arts and crafts or (insert hobby/activity here)
  • I am grateful to be able to entertain myself with a good book.
  • I am thankful for the time I have in my life to slow down and focus on what I love to do.
What are your thoughts about that last statement?

It is pretty extraordinary if you think about it. We spend our lives wishing and hoping that we would get enough time to get back to that book we’ve left for weeks or finally start a YouTube cooking channel.

Perhaps for some, it’s a relief to have space to spend more quality time with family.

This time is crucial for taking care of yourself, so you don’t lose what’s most important.

Remember that you are worthy, and you matter.

Let us share some ways that you can nurture and cleanse yourself. All we ask is that you dedicate some time to YOU, to be a better version of yourself and set a better example for your loved ones and those around you.
COVID in Hawaii

What Are the Top 5 ways to Maintain Good Health During COVID-19?

It’s time for us to share the juice.

Which, let’s be honest, is probably things you already know, but maybe this time you are ready to hear them, or if we are lucky, what we say will land differently.
Nutrition and Hydration
Physical Activity
Rest and Sleep
Staying connected and Entertained
Pretty straight forward right?

A lot easier said than done. Humans are creatures of habit, and when we have a habit that we enjoy even though it’s bad for us, we stick to it.

But look, that’s okay. It is never too late to start when it comes to changing things around and rearranging your life. Needless to say, this is probably the best time to do it.

Nutrition & Hydration.

This is an absolute no brainer; you NEED a well-rounded, healthy diet to have your body function properly. Everything from stinky breath to smelly farts and proper poops. These all matter.

And to control that, we need to eat our fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and protein. This means staying away from processed foods as much as you can, including SUGAR, deep-fried foods, and fast foods like McDonald’s. No excuses.

As for your hydration station: Water and more water, this is crucial for flushing out toxins, for your heart health, brain functioning, and energy.

We can go on all day about nutrition and hydration, but we’ll wrap it up here for now and let this be your food for thought next time you step into your kitchen.

Here are a few helpful habits to get you back on track with all things nutrition and hydration related:

  1. Grab your favorite water bottle and drink the entire thing first thing in the morning when you get up! Say no to soda-pop, no excuses.
  2. When you are grocery shopping, skip the chips and pop aisle and have a snack before going.
  3. Your body is a temple so treat it like one! When you have the urge to go get a Mcdonald’s meal or Burger King, remember that the foods will only make you feel more groggy and tired, not what food is supposed to do.
COVID in Hawaii

Physical Activity.


Rock your body


Rock your body right

Backstreet’s back alright.”

-Love the Backstreet Boys.

Basically, turn on your favorite tunes and dance around in your kitchen when you are cooking dinner.

Either way, getting your body moving will help release energy and brighten the mood. We know that this is a hard one to get started with, but as long as you show up for at least 15 mins/day, what do you have to lose?

In a world surrounded by technology, YouTube is your best friend for finding exercises that you can do at home if going outside is not an option.

Here is a list of our favorite ways to stay active at home:

  1. Yoga with Adriene. She is an absolutely brilliant and beginner-friendly yoga teacher who takes a whole new approach to yoga without holding poses for a long time or making you bend in ways you seriously can’t.
  2. Pinterest is full of exercises that you can do right in your living room without any equipment, including stretches.
  3. Pick a favorite exercise and do it every day. For example, our favorite to get the body moving and growth strength are push-ups. Start with as many as you can, and increase by 10% every week. #DavidGoggins
Now that you have picked an exercise let’s commit together for 30 days, starting today! Perhaps it’ll help to have your bestie do this with you so you can both be each other’s, workout buddies.

Rest and Sleep

It’s too easy to stay up scrolling through your Instagram during the wee hours of the night, or perhaps you stayed up binging your favorite TV show. We get it; days like this are a must sometimes, but remember to not overindulge.

Balance is key.

Sleep is crucial to let your body heal while you are asleep and to wake up feeling refreshed without needing at least 3 cups of coffee to start your day.

Check out these habits to help you get back on track.

  1. Leave the electronics out of your bedroom. Your TV belongs in the living room, not your bedroom. This is a challenge but also life-changing; try for a week and see how you feel. Need an alarm? Find an alternative. Alarms clocks still exist.
  2. Incorporate a sleep routine that doesn’t include electronics. What are somethings that you like to do before bed? A nice stretch? Shower? Herbal tea?
  3. Avoid alcohol, coffee, and blue light before bed.
COVID in Hawaii

Mental Health & Therapy

There are no quick fixes to this one. Some things can alleviate emotional pain temporarily, but essentially you have to do the work. At the same time, don’t be so hard on yourself. Everyone comes with a story and is on their own journey.

With the COVID-19, we have to learn to adjust to the way things are now, and that’s not something you have to do alone. Losing your job, or not being able to pay the bills, losing your freedom, and not celebrating special events as you used to.

All of those things take a toll and are all part of the grieving process.

We have a few favorite ways to cope:

  1. Daily Thoughts Journal. The cheapest kind of therapy you can find, and a great listener. Be yourself and let your stream of thoughts spill on the pages. Just let it all go.
  2. Chatting with your best friend on the phone!
  3. Asking for help before it is too late. Reach out to a family member or a professional. These people are here to help you.

Stay Connected and Entertained

What is something that you lost touch with? What was your favorite board game as a kid? What makes you laugh and brings you overwhelming joy?

These can be hard questions to answer.

However, we encourage you to reflect upon them.

Because this is our favorite way to maintain health and wellness during COVID-19 in Hawaii. We will share with you 5 different ways that we love to keep ourselves entertained and hope that you can get inspired!
  1. Games night with the family! Bust out the cards and board games and see who will be the Yahtzee champion or show off your best poker face in the game of poker. We play for snacks, of course!
  2. Arts and Crafts! Get those old magazines, colored paper, leaves, and sand from outside and get to creating!
  3. Set up weekly calls with your family and friends. Virtual Trivia night, anyone??
  4. Do you have a favorite comedian? How about every Wednesday is comedy night. Everyone can use a good laugh. It is the best medicine, after all.
  5. Spend time by the ocean, perhaps your favorite audio/book, and the smell of the sea breeze is all you need.
Your options are endless, just a matter of getting creative again.

Do you remember what you loved to do as a kid? You still have a chance to channel your inner child and play.
COVID in Hawaii

What Are My Available Resources in Hawaii During COVID-19?

Although you can’t go to the gym or a fitness area like you used to.

There are essential Health Care Operations still open to supporting their communities.

Just a friendly reminder to wear a mask to help protect our caretakers!

Some of the main resources you have available to you are as follows:
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Dentists
  • All healthcare for animals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Mental Health Providers
Although it may seem like the world is falling apart, remember you are not alone.

This brings us to our last point.

Options to maintain an active lifestyle/routine in Hawaii during limited exposure?

Due to our circumstances in Hawaii, there are prohibited things such as getting together and having social gatherings or enjoying the places we used to.

With the restrictions of having 5 people per group minimum, that still gives you a chance to connect with loved ones and enjoy the outdoors.

Therefore, just in case you didn’t know, the following activities are still open to the public:
  • Archery.
  • Biking.
  • Garden Stops.
  • PlayGround
  • Courts
  • Singing/Wind Instruments.
For activities such as playing a wind instrument and singing you have to wear a mask.

You have options available to you with a few restrictions, yes things are different, and we understand it may be uncomfortable.

The important thing is to take care of yourself and be aware of the part you play during this pandemic. So how can you stay safe and at the same time be active in maintaining your health during COVID-19 in Hawaii?

In closing…

We hope we could shine a light or a different perspective on things that you already know. Talking about nutrition and stress levels till the cows come home is probably not that productive.

Instead, our goal is to provide small changes in your daily routine or help you brainstorm some of your own ideas that will fit your day.

We want to hear from you and be a part of your journey during this time by offering valuable tools and providing the best services on Oahu all things health, wellness, massage, and nurture.

If you would like to schedule a massage appointment with us to relax, and recover, click on this button below.