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This modality is a popular request and the foundation for all other massages such as sports, deep tissue, and aromatherapy. This massage utilizes both Swedish and American massage techniques as well as elements of Chinese and Korean massage. This approach combines the best of Western and Eastern techniques- giving the body a nice, long, relaxing rest.

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Swedish Massage in Honolulu

Swedish Massage Benefits

Decreases muscle toxins
Improves circulation and flexibility
Eases tension
Aides blood circulation which is known to give an energy boost
Relieves muscle cramps and spasms

How does a Swedish Massage work?

Techniques of Swedish include circular pressure utilized by the hands, firm kneading, bending, and stretching. Movements from the Swedish massage release pressure and break up muscle knots and encourage relaxation.

A Swedish massage will soothe your nervous system, as well as reduce anxiety and unease in the body which has been known to help alleviate depression. This type of massage helps to trigger circulation, release tight muscles, and revitalize range of motion. This certain type of massage can be done with a range of pressure depending on client preference.

A Swedish massage also works great to help people who suffer from any debilitating joint disorder that causes them pain; this massage helps to increase elasticity in the tissues. This massage also works on those who suffer from everyday troubles because as we stress, our muscles start to become tenser, and this massage modality will aid to comfort that pain.

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