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Pregnancy Massage Safety, Benefits, And Importance!

This blog is for the mothers and soon-to-be mothers of Honolulu, or the moms passing through on Oahu. We understand the journey of pregnancy.

Although each of you is going through personal changes, adjustments, and experiences, we hold space for you, your emotions, and your changing body. You are stepping into the next chapter of your life and entering the realm of motherhood.

Congratulations, and how exciting!

This goes without saying; your body is also going through its own set of changes. Aside from the apparent fact of growing a little human and becoming a home to a second heartbeat, the changes in weight, posture adjustments, and feeling perhaps a bit sorer are inevitable.

So aside from taking care of your mental well-being, how are you tending to your physical health? No, we are not talking about physical activities such as doing yoga. Instead, we want to introduce to you the pregnancy massage importance, safety, and benefits.

A ​pregnancy massage​ is for those long days at the park or dreaded grocery store visits that force you to be on your feet all day. We imagine that your body is craving earnest tenderness, love, care, and rest.

We wrote this blog to share the pregnancy massage importance, safety, and benefits with you so you can tend to your body and​ promote a healthy pregnancy experience.​

Top 4 Safety Precautions During A Prenatal Massage

1. When is it safe to get a prenatal massage?

A ​pregnancy massage​ is for those long days at the park or dreaded grocery store visits that force you to be on your feet all day. We imagine that your body is craving earnest tenderness, love, care, and rest.

We wrote this blog to share the pregnancy massage importance, safety, and benefits with you so you can tend to your body and​ promote a healthy pregnancy experience.​

2. How can a massage clinic accommodate my growing belly?

Yes, there are cases when specific massage clinics can’t accommodate pregnant mothers due to not having a proper massage table set up or pregnancy pillows, also known as bolsters.

However, discussing this with your clinic before can give them a heads up to ensure ultimate comfort for your prenatal massage and their ability to deliver a therapeutic experience for expecting mothers.

There are specially designed massage tables that can accommodate the baby, belly, and breasts. You would never be on your back due to the risks of putting pressure on major blood vessels that will disrupt the baby’s safety.

During the second half of pregnancy, or after the first four months, the baby’s weight and the uterus can compress blood vessels and cut off circulation to your placenta when lying straight on your back.

Therefore laying down on your side is appropriate, and your specialist can use special pillows and bolsters to support you. Bolster pillows are an excellent source for neck, knees, and lumbar support, especially at home.

3. What kind of a massage is a prenatal massage?

Your prenatal massage caters to the changes of your body in the present moment. The purpose of the massage is to stimulate your lymphatic system and soothe your body’s needs physically, mentally, and emotionally.

In other words, this is a therapeutic massage that focuses on all needs of the expecting mama.

5 Questions that can help you cater to your needs:

  1. Where are you experiencing aches and pains?

  2. What areas of the body feel sore that you have a hard time attending to?

  3. What muscles in your body feel sore?

  4. Are you trying to feel more connected to your baby?

  5. How is your emotional well-being?

With those questions in mind, there are certain safety precautions to take regarding massage during pregnancy.

Pressure points to avoid during your massage are between your ankle bone and heel. These pressure points are connected to your uterus and ovaries and can trigger contractions with a massage.

Deep tissue massage is avoided on the legs during pregnancy because women are susceptible to blood clots. Deep tissue massage can dislodge a blood clot, putting the mom and baby at risk. However, gentle pressure is safe.

Rest assured, you are safe to proceed with a deep tissue massage on your upper body, such as back, neck, and shoulders.

4. When am I at risk during a prenatal massage?

Talk to your doctor if you have any of the following conditions that could put you at greater risk during a prenatal massage:

  1. Diabetes

  2. Morning Sickness

  3. Pre-eclampsia

  4. High Blood Pressure

  5. Fever

  6. Contagious Virus

  7. Abdominal Pain/Bleeding

Benefits Of A Prenatal Massage

Alright, the more exciting stuff.

Aside from getting muscle and tension relief, there are other health benefits a prenatal massage can contribute.

For starters, massage is excellent for increasing blood flood, which is beneficial for your body’s lymphatic system to help flush out toxins and fight any bacteria.

A prenatal massage is catered to your specific needs to help you relax and loosen your back and shoulder muscles, especially when the baby is starting to grow and feel heavier on the legs, hips, and back.

Can you already feel a wave of relief at the idea of laying down for an hour? Say goodbye, STRESS!

It’s a wild thought to think a real human being is growing inside of you, and forming a relationship while in utero is integral to your relationship with your child. A prenatal massage can help you reconnect to yourself and your baby.

11 Benefits Of A Prenatal Massage:

  1. Relieve Insomnia

  2. Joint Pain

  3. Back Pain

  4. Neck Pain

  5. Leg Cramps & Sciatica

  6. Decrease Carpal Tunnel Pain

  7. Alleviate Congestion

  8. Could Lift Depression

  9. Improve Circulation

  10. Body Tone

  11. Mental & Physical Fatigue

Prenatal Massage is beneficial for reducing swelling in your hands and feet as long as you are not diagnosed with pre-eclampsia.

Prenatal Massage At Home

We want you to have a successful, healthy, and comfortable pregnancy.

To do that, we want to share how you can attend to your body to help with stress and relaxation.

These at-home massage techniques are the best when you have someone at home who can nurture your body after a long day. The next time you need some serious relaxation, there are 5 prenatal massage techniques to try at home that tend to the whole body.

Pick your favourite oil or lotion, and let’s get to it!

5 Prenatal Massage Techniques:

Scalp Love:

While sitting upright, have your partner start at the base of the skull using both hands with their fingers spread, applying gentle pressure while curling hands together or apart. For added relaxation, have them lightly stroke the face, focusing on the spot between the eyebrows.


Shoulder Care:

Start with one side at a time. Have your partner glide between the top of the shoulder and the skull base using their hand or fingertips. While using gentle pressure, and then switch sides after 3-5 minutes.


Back Rub:

You have an option to lay down on your side or sit up for this one, whatever feels more comfortable for you.

Using lotion, have your partner stroke your back with the base of their hands, gently gliding down with one hand and the opposite way with the other. Have them focus on the muscles located along the spine.

The massage should feel soothing and relaxing for your whole back, and if you want a bit more pressure, then have your partner transition to using their thumbs. This way, they can focus on any tension along the spine that needs more attention.


Gentle Foot Massage:

** Before you begin, remember to avoid the pressure points between your ankle bone and heel.

Make sure you get extra comfy for this part!

Using lotion and gentle pressure, have your partner start at the top of the foot from the toes and slowly make their way up to your ankles.

Toes: Have your partner start by gently tugging on each toe and running their finger in between each toe.

Heel: Using both thumbs, stroking up and down the heel. One thumb up and one thumb down.

Sole: Again, using both thumbs, gently massage in circles on the sole and beneath the toes.

Remember to use gentle pressure!

Ankle: Once your partner has made their way up to your ankles, have them gently make circles around the area to help relieve pressure avoiding the points between the ankle and heel.

The gentle foot massage is an excellent way to help alleviate pressure and swelling of the feet after a long day!


Belly Massage:

Do not massage this area; however, as an alternative, you or your partner can apply Vitamin E oil to help alleviate stretch marks during and after pregnancy. :)


Something For Sleep:

Although prenatal massage can help with insomnia, we also recommend a body pillow for sleep, or just regular pillows will do.

Using pillows when you are sleeping on your side will maximize blood flow to your uterus without added pressure on your liver. It is also helpful to place a pillow between your knees if you are experiencing hip or back pain to alleviate some of the stress, especially at night!

Pregnancy Massage in Honolulu

Do You Want To Try A Prenatal Massage?

Since we have covered the pregnancy massage importance, safety, and benefits, does this sound like something you want to try?

It takes a lot of energy for your body to adjust to the baby’s growth while also functioning on a daily basis. We understand that you are on this journey full of new adventures, transformations, and challenges. However, you don’t have to do it all on your own.

Your first step would be to consult with your doctor and get the green light to go ahead and schedule an appointment.

A prenatal massage will help you tend to all areas of the body that call out for attention and nurture during the most critical times.

What steps will you take to look after your well-being during pregnancy?

Where You Can Find Us:

We would be thrilled to have you! When you enter the realm of motherhood, life tends to change drastically. Our lives become dedicated to our tiny humans who depend on us for survival.

To show up for them, we have to stay healthy and look after ourselves.

After all, as mothers, we are role models for our children, and we can’t neglect ourselves because a tiny human is always watching, and to those humans, we are everything. Now that you know the pregnancy massage importance, safety, and benefits, we are here to answer any questions and help you schedule a prenatal massage.

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