Why Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Aloha from Hawaii Natural Therapy, your Lymphatic Drainage Massage specialist right here in Honolulu, listen up!

Here is some helpful information and tips on how Lymphatic Drainage can play a beneficial role in your life, and we provide them right here at our clinic!


Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Honolulu


What is Lymphatic Drainage?

This is a gentle and very flowing style of massage that stimulates the flow of lymph fluid throughout the body. This will benefit the receiver of the massage by rapidly removing the wastes and toxins from a poor lymphatic system. 

This type of massage can benefit people with a variety of conditions such as lymphedema, fibromyalgia, and other types of conditions. 


What is a lymphatic drainage machine?

The machine that we offer at our clinic pushes the movement of lymph fluid throughout the entire body in the process of removing wastes and toxins, dead blood cells, cancel cells, and pathogens from your bodily tissues. 

This machine is safe to use for everyone. The machine works by moving oxygen throughout your body and stimulating the removal of these bad toxins.  


Why should I use a lymphatic drainage machine?

This machine would work for everyone. The benefits that come with using our Lymphatic drainage machine can affect everyone in a positive way, by getting rid of the fatty acids you have in your body and promoting the distribution of white blood cells which fight off infections.

It is very helpful to throw into your detoxing schedule. It is fun to have an air pressured tool working on your legs and then a massage therapist to be relaxing your upper body too, quite the sensational experience if you ask us!


How does the lymphatic drainage machine work?

Our Lymphatic Drainage Machine is programmed to work in three different levelsWe have our lighter, medium, or stronger pressure that you could choose from, whichever one works best for you. 

You could also choose the direction that the pressure goes in for the best possible outcome of your Lymphatic Drainage session. 


What could I expect during my session?

During our session, we will have you lay down with the machine over your legs for about 15 minutes. We don’t need anything from you for the 15 minutes of Lymphatic Drainage, apart from relaxation! 

You will feel the air pressure of the machine squeezing within your legs. Your legs will feel very light after the procedure is finished, and fully rejuvenated.


How will I feel after this treatment?

After you are finished with your Lymphatic Drainage session with us, you may feel a bit of an itchy and tingly sensation because of the increased blood flow and movement of the Lymph Fluid throughout your entire body. 

With the natural process of detoxification during this process, you may also feel a bit light headed afterwards, so it is important to drink a lot of water to flush out your body. Many people feel very light at their legs once they’re finished, and can continue to their everyday activities right away. 


Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Honolulu


Interested in your own Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Honolulu?

There is no additional cost. Call us at (808) 200-4611 or request an appointment online to schedule your lymphatic drainage massage session today, right here in the heart of Honolulu. Here is some more information on Lymphatic Drainage on our Youtube channel.

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