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Mikayla Kreeger

Licensed Massage Therapist

Languages Spoken: English
Mikayla Kreeger is a dedicated and gifted bodyworker and massage therapist, who is committed to creating a plan for each individual client’s needs. She studied Massage Therapy
at the Boulder Massage Therapy Institute in Gunbarrel Colorado and graduated with over a hundred hours of experience working on the general public. This experience provided her with the confidence and skill that she applies in her work today.
Mikayla Kreeger

What drew you to Massage therapy?

Ever since I was young, I have been drawn to the healing practice of massage therapy.
I believe that healing through touch can be a powerful and meaningful way to treat pain or provide relaxation and support to my clients.

What type of massage do you specialize in?

I received a well-rounded education in anatomy, physiology, neuromuscular therapy,
trigger point therapy, shiatsu, deep tissue, Swedish, Cupping, Gua Sha, pain management techniques, and reciprocal inhibition. I use these techniques to create the best outcome for each of my clients.

Why did you choose this type of massage?

As a well-rounded therapist I use several techniques to find the best outcome for each of my clients.

How do your talents benefit your patients?

My education and experience allow me to identify problem areas and apply the most
effective techniques for each of my clients. Whether that is a full body relaxation massage to decrease stress and increase circulation, or a pain management massage meant to decrease muscle tension and pain in an area or areas.

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