Hawaii COVID-19 Update (January)

Like the many waves that our Ohana has faced here on Oahu, the global pandemic has been among the biggest that we have ridden with the help of our team, all of Oahu’s residents, and each of our clients here on island.

The many stories we have heard from each of our clients have been heartbreaking. We have grieved & struggled, but continued to live in hope throughout this long process, believing that our clinic would not only survive, but continue to provide Oahu’s residents with the best possible massage therapy & care around.

We have taken many crucial procedures in maintaining a healthy space for our clients, by not only laying a reliable foundation for our team in times of pain, but maintaining a healthy head-space for our clients. You have all been at the center of our priorities during this process.

We proudly announce that we have made it to the other end of this fight, and our clinic is now full open to taking appointments. We will be running back to our regular working hours, 7 days a week for all of our clients.

We are very excited to see each and every one of you, and continue to provide you with the care that we have all been missing throughout the last few months.

What measures are you taking to protect customers and service providers leading into the new schedule?

Replace all linens.

After every single session, linens are taken down and replaced in the treatment room. This includes all of our sheets, towels, and head rests. We then put fresh linens back onto the tables, that are thoroughly cleaned.
All equipment and lotions are sanitized & wiped down.

All of our equipment and lotions are constantly being checked up on, and wiped down after use with a disposable sanitizing cloth.
All equipment that is regularly handled are sanitized.

Equipment and places that are regularly occupied, including all of the rooms that we have available are sanitized and cleansed on a daily basis.

Furthermore, our team has been making sure to go over everything as well as we possibly could to combat the spread of any germs.
Washing our hands before & after each appointment.

Our team recognizes the important of keeping all of their individual tools sanitized & clean. Therefore, with that comes the responsibility of washing and sanitizing their hands before and after each massage appointment to ensure stopping the spread of any germs or viruses.