Better Health & Well Being With Acupuncture

I was thinking today about how Acupuncture can be quite underrated or misunderstood. Which is okay, as humans we do what we know best and then the opportunity presents itself and we can do better. Especially when it touches our health. There are thousands of remedies out in the world right now, which is such a benefit for all of us and we just have to find what works for our bodies and the techniques that we respond to best. How could you attain Better Health & Wellbeing With Acupuncture?

Your well-being is important and there is no putting a price tag on that. Something vital to understand when healing the body and getting to the root of the problem is that it takes time and patience.

What is Acupuncture to begin with?

Lets touch base on what Acupuncture is. Acupuncture is classified as a form of alternative medicine and a key component in Chinese medicine. Our bodies have pressure points where they are connected to different organs, nerves, and muscles. Literally everything in our body is intertwined and connected. When one system is not functioning properly, then chances are there is also something that is taking the fall and overworking itself to help the body function properly.

The way that Acupuncture is performed on the body is through inserting needles into specific pressure points to target the area or system of concern. Don’t worry, the needles come brand new, sterile and packaged up so it is completely safe and sanitary.

It is pretty much painless and the depth that the needle is inserted can vary from a fraction of an inch to two inches and left in from a few minutes, all the way up to twenty.

How do you experience better health and well being with acupuncture?

The way that acupuncture achieves the above support is through centering the Chi/Qi in individuals and their body. This actually stimulates the nervous system which then creates a release of chemicals into the muscles, spinal cord and brain which evokes the natural healing process in the body. 

This is where our patience is important, to give the body time to do its thing and heal while supporting it the best way that we can through nurturing it, not just with treatments, but paying close attention to what we put in it and how much we push it’s limits.

What is Chi/Qi in Chinese Medicine?

It is the underlying principle in traditional Chinese medicine and Martial Arts. Another term that can be used for chi is “energy flow”, it is a vital force that literally makes up any living thing. 

Our chi is our energy flow inside the body and when we pay close attention to ourselves we can often notice if our “energy” is off. The felt experience of that, for example, in my body can show up as tension, mild dissociation, or scattered brained or all of the above at the same time.

Finding support after an Acupuncture session?

Although one session of Acupuncture will most likely not reverse all of our health concerns, it is certainly a start to the healing process and journey with the body and yourself. The way you support yourself afterwards matters if the goal is to keep the ball rolling in the well-being department. Here are a few simple suggestions on how you can do that:

  • The number one thing is to drink a lot of water. The body needs to release toxins and water helps to flush those toxins out.
  • Stay away from alcohol and caffeine. It is important to give the body time before dehydrating it again, and filling it with substances that slow it down.
  • Wait 6/8 hours to have a bath or shower to let the body recover from the treatment and heal up the places where the needles were.
  • Get your sleep. The body does a lot of healing during sleep, so if after a treatment you experience feeling tired, that is your cue to get some rest and put down whatever it is you are doing.

** Something to keep in mind is that you may or you may not feel sore after a treatment and bruising rarely happens and when it does, it should not hurt. Questions may be addressed before your treatment.

This has all been so helpful! Now where can I book an acupuncture appointment in person?

Call us at (808) 200-4611 or request an appointment online to schedule your first session today. We are looking forward in working with you on your personal health & wellness. Have a great day friends!

Mariya Chebotarova

Mariya Chebotarova

I am on a mission to empower the hearts of others to do the hard work on themselves, and live a more fulfilling life.

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