Best Massage Therapy for Military On Oahu

When faced with the thought of having Active Military Members join us for a massage here on Oahu, we stand in gratitude & appreciation of the strenuous work and risk that they put themselves through in service of our country. Military members have told us many times that we have been their choice as the best massage therapy on Oahu!

Although gratitude can take you far, we often express this through the professional bodywork & classic Hawaiian spirit that we personably perform and incorporate during your session.

The benefits of massage impact just about every human that we could think of, but military members and veterans are quite the special group, and we believe they could benefit even more. 

That is why we offer $10 off each session with a valid Military ID!

This has been proven time and time again with some of the active military that come and see us on a regular basis.

Massage therapy comes up as a very suitable form of therapy on Oahu for veterans that are involved in PTSD support groups, are in a transitionary phase, workout regularly, or experience stress regularly. This stress could come from deployments, financial struggle, variable work hours, separation, and other day-to-day work stressors.

The benefits of massage therapy for the Active Military here on Oahu are endless, but here are a few we thought you could let soak in:


During high periods of stress, the body tends to produce unhealthy levels of cortisol, also known as a stress hormone. The military have a higher dose of stress than most, and it’s important that we spend some time relaxing our physical & mental state.

Muscle Relaxation

When putting our body under a lot of stress, or just moving around day to day without stretching, the body tends to tighten up. When targeting each specific muscle group, we are able to help the muscles relax, promoting better circulation in the affected areas, increasing flexibility and boosting some of your feel-good hormones (dopamine and serotonin).

Improved Posture

One of the primary causes of missed work in America, and leading to chronic back pain, posture has shown to be more important than we perceive it to be. This causes tight muscles all over the body when we are overly compensating by sitting or standing incorrectly. Massage therapy properly aligns your body by relaxing and loosening your muscles, giving you a better and bolder posture.

Strengthen The Body's Immune System

Regular massage sessions are proven to improve your body’s immunity by reducing stress. Your body will then naturally protect itself against infections, pathogens, and bacteria with a boosted cytotoxic capacity. In today’s day and age, that is the least we could ask for!

Most of us could agree that Oahu’s Military work very hard in keeping our country safe, and people are constantly moving in and out of the islands here.

We find it crucial to give back to the people that constantly give to our country here in the United States, and what better way than a restoring massage session?! Our team is right here with you!

Interested in a massage session with us in Honolulu?

We offer $10 off towards every session with a valid Military ID. Our professional staff and warm aloha spirit will create your healing oasis! Call us at (808) 200-4611 or request an appointment online to schedule your first session today. We are looking forward in relaxing with you. Have a great day!

Mariya Chebotarova

Mariya Chebotarova

I am on a mission to empower the hearts of others to do the hard work on themselves, and live a more fulfilling life.

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