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Benefits Of Cupping Therapy In Honolulu

This ancient alternative therapy technique originated in China, has been around for centuries, and the benefits of Cupping Therapy In Honolulu stretch further than you think. Well let’s explore and get started with Cupping Therapy and it’s multitude of benefits.

What is Cupping Therapy & how does it work?

Cupping is a great service that we offer at our massage therapy clinic in Honolulu. This form of therapy works by placing cups on the skin that create a suction on your skin in particular areas, the most common areas include the back, shoulders, posterior neck, forearms, hamstrings, and calves as needed by our patients.

This suction promoted the flow of “qi” in your body. This is a Chinese word meaning life force, and has been known to restore and balance a patient’s yin and yang (negative and positive), by increasing blood circulation to the applied areas. This promotes the repairing process in your cells.

The repairing process will typically leave you with a process called ecchymosis (Looks like bruises) which is a local leakage of blood into the skin from capillaries, and it is painless. The general consensus among the cupping experts is that the darker the cupping mark, the more qi circulation stasis.

Different types of Cupping methods:

Weak/light cupping – helps with the common cold, sore throat, tonsillitis, asthma, anemia, fatigue, cancer patients, expectant mothers, etc.
Medium/tonifying cupping – helps with hot/cold ‘Bi” syndrome, stress, headache, sport injuries, tremors, etc.
Strong cupping – is suitable for all excessive heat (stomach, liver, dump-heat), hypertension, headache, boils, muscular cramps, sports injuries, etc.
Moving cupping (draining method) – is great for children under 16 years old, the frail and elderly, lymphedema, edema, infertility, cosmetic cupping, immunity deficiency, cancer patients, etc.
Moving cupping (even method) – is great for children under 16 years of age, old and frail patients, lymphedema, edema, infertility, cosmetic cupping, immunity deficiency, cancer patients, etc.
Needle cupping (draining method) – is great for arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, muscular stiffness, spasm or pain, sport injuries, etc.
Hot needle and moxa cupping – is awesome for tonifying, tonify yang, tonify qi and blood, contraindicated for children.
Bleeding (wet/full cupping) – helps with acute hypertension, sports injuries, blood-poison, skin conditions (psoriasis), removing toxins and poison from bites and stings, insect bites, etc.
Herbal cupping – is suitable for asthma, emphysema, cough, digestive complaints, gastrointestinal complaints, male and female infertility, qi deficiency, etc.
Water cupping – cools body, brings the pathogenic heat to the surface, sports injuries, etc.

An In-Depth Cupping Session at Our Clinic in Honolulu:

What are the health benefits of Cupping Therapy?

Your body will naturally overtime develop poor blood circulation with the daily toxins that we take in. The new blood which goes into the area will then carry away the toxins, as well as clearing away any damaged cells.
Improves Common Skin Conditions
Eczema and acne are among the common skin conditions that are improved with the flow of blood that cupping provides. It has also provided clients with reduced skin inflammation, and reduced cellulite in many. These positive results are attained with the energy flows through the meridians of the body that are being blocked.
Soothing Pain
Pain relief is among the main benefits that our clients experience during their sessions. Cupping is generally applied to target the soft tissue and areas of swelling and pain to bring about new blood flow and healing.
Relieves Cold & Cough Symptoms
This process helps with the stimulation of vital organs in clearing our phlegm. Phlegm in the lungs tends to cause coughing, and is removed throughout the cupping process.
Relax Away...
Let’s face it, there aren’t many people who aren’t worried about worldwide pandemics and the changing world we live in. We need more time to relax, recover, and treat our bodies with better health.
Anti-Aging bodies
The blood flow can have anti-aging effects such as having less wrinkles, and more nutrients in your skin for a younger appearance.
Treats Many Conditions
Although it is best at treating conditions involving aches and pains in your muscles, it can also be applied to different points that can treat skin issues, digestion problems, shingles, facial paralysis, cough, acne, lumbar disc herniation, and cervical spondylosis.

Is Cupping Therapy safe for everyone to use?

If you are under one of the following categories, it is actually something you may want to take precaution with, and ask your doctor about. Children under 4 years old shouldn’t receive cupping therapy. Seniors with fragile skin and medication are not recommended. Pregnant people should avoid cupping along the abdomen and lower back. If you are currently menstruating, it is recommended you do not take cupping.

What should I expect during my cupping treatment?

During your cupping treatment, you would join us at our location on Ward, in the heart of Honolulu, then you could expect cups being placed on a particular point along your skin.

About 10-20 minutes later, the skin will turn red as the blood vessels along your body enlarge. Don’t be afraid by this as the skin and blood flow are coming into a better balance throughout the procedure.

Interested in your own cupping massage in Honolulu?

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