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5 Ways To Nurture Your Feet At Home

Self care has lately become a big topic within humans in terms of stress and ensuring that we get the time to recharge mentally and emotionally. Which is a fabulous form of practice and discipline I imagine for all those hard working people out there who forget to stop, pause and breathe. This is exactly why our team had formed the perfect 5 ways to nurture your feet at home, for starters!

So this post is directed to all the humans out there who need a moment to slow down and create an experience of connection and nurture for themselves and their bodies. I am targeting one specific area on the body today, and that is our precious feet & ankles.
Our feet and ankles work hard every single day carrying our weight, getting us from point a to b, hiking, running, wearing shoes that are too big/small/narrow/tight or just uncomfortable.

I imagine that at least one person reading this post will “not like” feet either. That’s okay, that’s why we are here to rebuild that broken relationship and teach you how to love on yourself and those feet. Baby steps my friends!

The 5 ways to nurture your feet at home, from our clinic:

Warm water & epsom salt
Salt turns to magnesium and sulfate in the water, which can help with fungus, ingrown nails, and soothe dry skin. Soaking your feet in warm water for 10-15 minutes is also enough to relax the muscles and loosen stiff joints. All you need is one cup of Epsom salt in warm water, which can be purchased at any drug store/pharmacy. You are ready for your mini at home spa day!
This is my favorite after a day of hard work and running around. This helps to decrease pain and swelling as well as take pressure off the veins and improve blood flow back into the heart. All you need is 20 mins, lay down on your back in bed or on the couch and kick your feet up against the wall or use a couch pillow. As long as your ankles are at heart level or above you are letting the magic happen and the body do its thing.
Ditch the shoes and flip flops
Not only do I find this a way to ground and reconnect with myself and mother nature but it also has different benefits which include better foot positioning when you walk, better balance, better foot mechanics which can help with hips, knees, and your core movement. So go ahead, feel the warmth of the sand or walk across that grass field, and if you are wanting to be a bit more adventurous try a hike and just notice how you feel.
Little love-scrub and hydration
This is a perfect DIY spa day for the feet when you are having a shower or taking a bath. It will only take as many minutes as you wish. Scrubs improve blood circulation which helps with relieving aches and it is also a great way to relax the mind and body, while relieving stress. After all that your feet also look great due to the exfoliation which gets rid of the triple d’s; dirt, dry skin, and the dead skin.
Good ol personal foot massage
You have no excuse to not do this one! When you are watching TV, or right before bed, or if you just want a 20 min break from your day, or at your desk. Literally anywhere. I like to sit cross legged for this one, however I will leave that up to you. Pick a position that is the most comfortable and relaxing and does not cause any pain or discomfort. Now take a deep breath and focus your attention on your feet. Taking one foot a time with both hands use your thumbs to apply pressure around the ankles, the arches, the heels. Take each toe and move it in a circular motion, perhaps tugging at each toe gently. This is supposed to feel relaxing and pleasant. Do this for as long as you can mindfully and with intention to bring calmness and connection to yourself! Yipee!

From our therapeutic team here on Oahu, to your home!

So there, you now have some golden nuggets that can help bring some more spring into your steps and more life into your feet.

Not just that but this is a gentle reminder that different parts of our feet have pressure points that are interconnected with different parts of our bodies such as sinuses, eyes, kidneys, liver, and so on.

We hope that these 5 ways to nurture your feet at home have opened doors of self-care for you, from right here on Oahu! I invite you to pay attention to how you look after yourself and your body, feet included! Now go on, try this at home friends!