Why Pregnancy Massage?

Pregnancy Massage has been known to be a crucial step in the most enduring months of a female’s life. With professional help, this journey can turn into a far better experience, instead of living with the stress that is aching to get out of your body. 

The benefits are truly… worth it? 


Here is an example of a Prenatal Massage with us!



Do you provide massages for pregnant women?

Throughout the many years that our clinic has been open serving our clients, prenatal massages have been some of the most beautiful times we have had. Having the opportunity in massaging pregnant clients before their due date has been a service that we have been blessed with, in calming our clients before the big day. 

We have given hundreds of prenatal massages, one of them being our client Kathleen who came in just 3 days before her due date and gave a video speaking about her experience! Wow!! 

The owner of our clinic, Ivana has 5 kids herself, so she could easily tell you a bit about her experience as a mother getting massaged. She always appreciates the time she gets to relax before her due date, because she feels as if she didn’t get any after the kids have come out, haha. 

Yes, we provide Prenatal Massages here at our clinic, and we are excited to serve you throughout the process!



When would you recommend coming in during my pregnancy?

You can begin coming in for massages any time during the first, second, or third trimester. However, we would recommend you coming about 12 weeks in, especially if you are expecting your first child. 

There is an increased risk of miscarriage associated with the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, so we encourage everyone to be as careful as they can be, and to love on their child! 

What we appreciate the most is when one of our pregnant clients come in for a massage, is when they show up on their due date and say “I would like to give birth today, would you be willing to help me please?” So we happily agree with proceeding, as we have been given the proper techniques of massage therapy that can help trigger labor coming up. 

We even get a few moms who send us photos of their babies the day after their massage! It is extremely liberating for a massage therapist, haha!

How do you give a pregnancy massage?

In case you didn’t just want to dive right into it, but felt as if you needed to experience a video documentary of a Prenatal Massage, here is a peaceful and relaxing one that we took at our clinic

During our prenatal appointments, we generally massage women with them laying on their sides. Moms have two pillows – one that is placed between their knees, and one in between their arms to ensure a maximum amount of comfort. 

We use lavender oils to enhance the relaxation during your appointment. Usually by half way through your pregnancy, you will be more comfortable laying on your side so we can ensure a relaxing experience. 

If you are in Honolulu, and are asking for either a fun adventure, a new experience, or just to come in and relax, we would recommend a pregnancy massage for you to enjoy! 


Is it safe to get a foot massage while pregnant?

Yes, of course! A gentle soothing massage could do miracles on your body when you are undergoing all of the stress with being pregnant. You can get a massage at absolutely any time if you’re pregnant too! During your foot massage, we will have to avoid just a few points on your foot. These certain points would otherwise encourage uterine contractions, which we do not want during your massage. 

Fortunately, our team is formed of certified professionals and would be more than happy to equip your feet with the strength of carrying around another human! 


Do you charge extra for pregnancy massage? 

No we do not charge extra. We love to give prenatal massages to anyone, and you shouldn’t have to pay more for this natural occurrence. We actually look forward in being able to serve you! It is far more rewarding for our therapist to see the smile on our clients face after the massage, talking about being able to feel the baby kicking. What an incredible feeling for mothers all over the world! 

Although a prenatal massage requires expert knowledge, our clinic in particular doesn’t charge extra. Our massage therapists are trained and very knowledgeable about maternity and pregnancy massages. 

We look forward in serving you and your child!


How often should a pregnant woman get a massage?

Personally, with all of the extra weight and stress that is being added to your body, we would get massaged every single day if we had the budget for it, haha. Like your body is packing SO MUCH STRESS.


So what is an optimal amount? 

Here is the recipe you’ll need to ensure a smooth process. Come in about once every 4 weeks, up to week 27. Afterwards, you will want to come in every other week, up to week 36. Then you will come in weekly up until week 36 or until you give birth. Yay.


Surprised? We know, it is a thrilling process.

Many of our current clients come every other week or every week for the entire duration of their pregnancy, and for the following four months after they give birth. Then if you are feeling like a true champion, come back in within the first 10 days of giving birth for a follow up appointment, and you can bring your baby in with you to the massage room, just to hang around because we are excited to see the both of you. 

Although the process could be a bit overwhelming for some to come in, give it a shot and we’ll ensure you feeling as comfortable as possible. Woohooo! 

Interested in your own pregnancy massage in Honolulu?

There is no additional cost. Call us at (808) 200-4611 or request an appointment online to schedule your pregnancy session today. All of our therapist can perform a prenatal appointment.

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