Licensed Massage Therapist

Languages Spoken: English

Ximena has practiced massage for over 17 years. She was trained at the National Holistic Institute, a college of massage therapy in Emeryville, California. She likes to customize her treatments with a combination of styles and techniques that she has mastered, especially Swedish, Shiatsu, sports, acupressure, Lomi Lomi and deep tissue to relieve pain and address the concerns of the client.

Ximena loves Hawaii, enjoys nature, the ocean, along with her family and friends.

What drew you to massage therapy?
As a child I would massage my grandmother and great auntie in El Salvador. I remember their words saying I had such a good touch.

What type of massage do you specialize in?
As I grew in the USA I had many jobs waitressing,retail, cleaning, etc. but I felt like working just for money was not fulfilling to me I needed a job that allowed to be fulfilled in a deeper way. I started thinking what am I good at that I could enjoy making a living doing? Massage came to mind. Now 19 years later I’ve never looked back. I love my work!

Why would you choose this type of massage?
I have been trained in Swedish, Sports, deep tissue, acupressure, shiatsu and lomi lomi. I integrate all of these to provide relaxation and relief if pain.

How do your talents benefit your patients?
I believe it works best to not be so strict in using only one therapy. The body responds differently in every case so I mix techniques as I go along depending on the results received. I use my experience and instincts to provide the best result.

What is your favorite health tip you give your patients?
Do daily stretching. We cannot all be yogis but even light daily stretching helps so much.

What is your favorite hobby outside of work?
I love art. Looking at it or creating it. Also nature hiking, swimming in the ocean. Dancing to latin music and of course enjoying my beautiful family. My two boys are my love!

What would you tell a patient that is nervous about getting their first massage?
You are in good hands, please feel free to communicate anything at all, and breathe deeply it helps the body to relax.

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