Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Languages Spoken: English

Paul Storm Honolulu Acupuncturist

Paul has always been fascinated with Oriental Philosophy and Medicine. He began his formal studies in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 1989. Recently, he has earned a Doctorate degree in that field from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.

His specialty is pain management and reliefs, in particular working with those that suffer from chronic pain conditions and opioid use disorder. One thing he specializes in is creating a treatment plan that is customized to the client’s lifestyle or therapeutic needs.

What drew you to acupuncture?
I’ve always had an interest for oriental philosophy and medicine and at one point I was trying to recover from a skiing injury. I went to see an acupuncturist which helped to reduce my inflammation and increase range of motion in my knee. My injury and recovery inspired me to go to school for acupuncture.

What type of acupuncture do you specialize in?
I specialize in Pain Management and sports injuries using a traditional Chinese style of acupuncture.

Why would you choose this type of acupuncture?
I have found that this style offers the most effective results.

How do your talents benefit your patients?
I utilize being present and developing a treatment plan that will fit their lifestyle and schedule, but also will be effective in treating their conditions.

What is your favorite health tip you give your patients?
Pay attention to diet, hydration and preventative exercises similar to stretching and calisthenics.

What is your favorite hobby outside of work?

What would you tell a patient that is nervous about getting their first acupuncture session?
Most people tell me it is far different than what they imagine. Much more gentle and relaxing. Your first acupuncture session will include an evaluation of your needs and we will discuss the process so that you feel comfortable with the treatment before starting.


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