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Licensed Massage Therapist

MAT: 15150
Languages Spoken: English
Pressure Level: 5

Gyan D. Cova, Licensed Hawaii Massage Therapist

Gyan is passionate about traditional healing therapies and has a primary focus in the modality of Lōkahi Lomi Lomi in accordance with his training with Hale Ola on the Big Island of Hawaii. He has been certified by Halau Lokahi in traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi to assist those who are needing help with shoulder disabilities, ho’oponopono and intergrative oncology.

On his free time he enjoys organic landscape design and growing medicinal herbs for personal and business use. Gyan is always keen to take part in initiatives that give back to the health of the land and he also enjoys spending time with Kupuna and friends near the ocean.

What Drew You to Massage Therapy?
I broke my back when I was 12 and that led to a vast search of real healing from severe physical trauma. I sought out many healers of all natural modalities as I did not want to resort to painkillers or surgery. Through my experience I can deeply understand the pain that people are in and utilize my training to encourage a better quality of life through lomi lomi.

What Type of Massage do You Specialize In?
I specialize in Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. My Halau (school) practices Lōkahi Lomi Lomi using prayer chant for opening and closing sessions and we harness a focus on the spiritual side of healing as well as the physical. We are taught to use our bodies, our spiritual intention and plant medicines to facilitate healing. I have also studied deep tissue techniques and the application of hot ginger moxa with my Acupuncture/Deep Tissue Massage Therapist and Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Scott Miller.

Why Did You Choose This Type of Massage?
I was raised in Hawaii and was traditionally trained by Kupuna/Elders my whole life in Native Spiritual Beliefs, Culture, Art, Land Management, Water Distribution and Native Plant Medicines. My father-in-law trained me in his Ohana’s style of Lomi Lomi, then afterward I received my massage license and was accepted into my Kupuna/Teacher’s Halau where I trained in-depth to perform Lōkahi Lomi Lomi and La’au Lapa’au/ Hawaiian Plant Medicine. I was guided by life to practice these ways of healing.

How Do Your Talents Benefit your Clients?
My Lomi Lomi techniques can benefit people by improving range of motion and mobility, minimizing pain and increasing circulation. Flushing out metabolic waste and build up from physical activity is another great reason to receive regular lomi lomi treatment.

What is Your Favorite Health Tip to Give to Your Patients?
I would like to encourage people to recognize their habits which contribute to physical and psychological stress as well as pain so that they may be able to address changes they can make to improve their quality of life. Drink more water, exercise regularly and improve eating habits. We are our own best healers!

What is Your Favorite Hobby Outside of Work?
Swimming, Making Shell Leis, Walking, Family Time, Attending Cultural Workshops and Events, Cooking and Arts and Crafts such as Carving as well as Making Healing Medicinal Oils and Salves.

What would you tell a Patient that is Nervous about Getting Their First Massage?
Feeling nervous is a natural reaction to a new experience of any kind. Naturalizing yourself to receiving Lomi Lomi is an essential part of self care and physical maintenance - which is an overlooked aspect of personal health care today.

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