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Licensed Massage Therapist

Languages Spoken: English

Andrew Aguirre

Andrew was drawn to massage therapy by the work- life balance and the creative aspect of it. He absolutely loves art and being creative, while also making a good living without trying to work many hours in a week. He integrates all the most effective techniques from all the modalities, including Swedish massage, Shiatsu massage, Thai massage, Deep Tissue massage, Myofascial therapy, Trigger Point, Sports massage, and to combine it to use to his intuitive nature to navigate trigger points and muscle tension.

He loves to travel and active while doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Kayaking, and going to the beach.

What drew you to massage therapy?
What drew me to Massage Therapy was the Work - Life Balance and The creative aspect. I absolutely love Art and being creative as well as making a good living without working as many hours a week.

What type of massage do you specialize in?
I don't really have any specializations, I just integrate all the most effective techniques from all of the modalities that I've learned (Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Therapy, Trigger Point, Sports, Chairm Neuromuscular Therapy, etc) and combine it into one and also use my intuitive nature to navigate trigger points and muscle tension.

Why would you choose this type of massage?
I chose this method because I love to be versatile and well rounded. Each client is different and I believe that the more you know, the more you grow.

How do your talents benefit your patients?
My talents benefit them (and also me) because it gives me an idea what spot to work on, how long, how much pressure to use and what technique to use without saying much. They can just relax and enjoy their massage without me asking them if they want more pressure and is the pressure okay.

What is your favorite health tip you give your patients?
My favorite health tip is to give yourself an epsom salt soak bath or foot soak for 20 minutes every night before you go to bed to relax yourself and alleviate muscle tension.

What is your favorite hobby outside of work?
My favorite hobbies outside of work are Traveling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, MMA, Skateboarding, Kayaking, Art, Science, Environmentalism, Financial Literacy, Going to the Beach, Beach Clean Ups, Charity Work, Reading and Learning new things.

What would you tell a patient that is nervous about getting their first massage?
What I would tell a nervous, first time client is whatever you feel comfortable leaving on and off is fine with me and I can adjust to their level of comfort (pressure wise and disrobing wise).

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