Hawaii Natural Therapy was established in February 2014 with one goal – to provide the best massage services on Oahu. Rather than create a spa environment, I have focused on building a wellness massage clinic that offers therapeutic treatments based on a scientific, healthcare approach.

I have 25 years of experience in the sports and exercise industry. In addition to being a nationally licensed massage therapist, I am also a licensed personal trainer. My passions include outdoor sports, exercise, and a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Every day, I enjoy yoga, running, swimming, and extreme hiking. To date, I have run eight marathons, and participated in a bodybuilding competition.

Hawaii Natural Therapy is the product of my long-term vision and planning to create a place that would help people of all backgrounds live happier and longer lives.

Good health depends on balancing your lifestyle with your surroundings, your genetic makeup, and the unexpected curve balls life may serve you. This means the most effective healing always involves the holistic human being - your body, mind and spirit. With that philosophy, at Hawaii Natural Therapy we create an individual approach to a healing massage just for you. Every member of our massage team is well trained, and more than happy to take extra steps to ensure your treatment is not only perfectly applied, but has a warm, personal touch.

Yours truly,
Ivana Cablova
General Manager and Owner

Healing Power of Touch

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