Hi i'm Jaro!

I lived on Oahu, Hawaii for about 16 years of my life. Exploring epic hikes, surfing alongside many sunrises, and cliff jumping have turned into everyday passions. I have backpacked in Iceland, taken a countless amount of roadtrips, and have found my heart trekking around the world, and exploring health & wellness with Hawaii Natural Therapy. Something that has been the most beneficial to my overall well-being has been the Massage Therapy that they have been providing for me about once a month.

The moment I turned 12 years old, I experienced my first time taking photos with a GoPro in the water at Sandy Beach, which had turned into a growing passion for Surf Photography, which later turned into a hunger for documenting adventure, traveling, and experiencing the raw world.

Wave crashing at Sandy Beach on Oahu

If you would like to see and experience a bit more of my world. I love to create content of my own in expression of myself and my love for life. I like to create travel content with with friends like this video here on youtube and on my personal Instagram. Feel free to check me out on Instagram to see a bit more of what I love to do, and message me for any collaborations. 

Me and the crew at Hawaii Natural Therapy are teaming up to give you not only wellness and massage therapy news and information, but documentations and experiences that we have had shared around the world. Bookmark our Blog page and join us on your mission to wellness!

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