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The thought may just be haunting you, the sound of your bones forcing a popping sound during an adjustment, or the discomfort you may have been feeling prior to your appointment, or even the thought of trying something out of your comfort zone.

New things may seem intimidating, until we further investigate them and realize that they may even be beneficial for our personal health journeys. After all, understanding proper Chiropractic care is essential before coming in for your first appointment here on Oahu.

Luckily, Hawaii Natural Therapy’s Chiropractic Care has many years of experience. 

Let us explore some of the benefits you would reap at a professional Chiropractic appointment here at our clinic on Oahu!



What are some of the benefits you gain from a Chiropractic Session?

  • Pain Relief.

    There are many causes of spine-related pain since it is interconnected throughout your body, and a Chiropractors job is to help clear that pain up with a series of adjustments.

    Pain just gets in the way of your day-to-day work anyways, we have to get rid of it!
  • Help's in Restoring Your Body's Function.

    When you’re out scaling the cliffs of Oahu, going for a hardcore surf session, or even sitting for hours on end at your office job, your spine is likely to suffer some damage. Pain within your body will affect these day-to-day ventures.

    A Chiropractor can help in restoring your body’s function, have proper mobility and strength in your muscles/ joints.

    Chiropractic care has also been known to boost your body’s immunity.
  • Reduces Stress in Your Body.

    Pain and discomfort can severely stress you out in your daily work and ventures, so we need to tackle it head on.

    Chiropractors help in alleviating this soreness and pain, which in return helps your mind and body function to its fullest potential. Stress has an entire category of issues on its own, such as a shortened life expectancy.

    Being proper stewards of our body, it is our duty to take care of this stress and make sure we are properly taken care of. Natural Healing processes sure are a great thing!
  • A Natural Healing process.

    Most other treatments include the use of medications, surgery, or injection therapy. Seeing a chiropractor with us will encourage a natural healing process that your body is familiar with.
  • Improves Your Digestion & Sleeping Pattern's.

    If you have had a history of having any sort of digestion issue, a frequent visit in seeing our chiropractor has proven to reduce symptoms.

    Improved sleep has also come at a result of frequent visits, at the result of having a better spinal pattern during your adjustment, you tend to sleep more comfortably, waking up with more energy and focus throughout your day.
  • Adapt a Better Balanced Life.

    Not only does continuous chiropractic care come with all of these health benefits, but it improves your overall balance in life. And physical balance as well!

    The more durable, mobile, and healthy your body’s spine is, you are better connected to the rest of your body as well, leaving you with better balance, and preventing personal injury due to slipping and falling.


What exactly is the popping sound during a Chiropractic Adjustment?

For starters, a Chiropractic Adjustment is a measure of how our chiropractor applies different forms of pressure against your vertebrae, which may be holding movement patterns that are out of the ordinary, or have developed negatively over time.

During the procedure, it allows for subluxation to be reduced. When your spinal bones hold positions that are out of the ordinary, it can severely impact the communications between your nerves and brain altogether.

The popping sounds during a procedure are found when your back undergoes gentle, but rapid, stretching of your spinal joints. It is caused by the tiny pockets of air or gas taking in the form of fluid being released throughout your back. The popping sound is completely normal and healthy, when conducted by a professional at our clinic.

Why get a Chiropractic Adjustment at Hawaii Natural Therapy?

Our Massage Therapy Clinic has been known for some of the best massages on Oahu, both for relaxation and therapy. We have invited Dr. Zeal Okogeri to perform Chiropractic Care at our clinic, who has years upon years of experience in natural healing. More information can be seen on him here.

Apart from the amazing work he has done in various parts of the world, he also teaches meditation, writes books of kindness & compassion, and takes meditation retreats & classes in different parts of the world.

Once recommended, come in and see Dr. Zeal Okogeri for your session today, and you are in for a well-balanced and whole experience.


We encourage all of the clients at Hawaii Natural Therapy to not wait until it’s too late, waiting on something physically serious to happen before they take charge of their own health, waiting on a call from the doctor when their back has gone out on them, waiting for relationships to improve on their own.

Take charge of your life today, of your health and well-being. We will see you for your session soon! Aloha.

Interested in your own Chiropractic Appointment?

Call us at (808) 200-4611 or request an appointment online to schedule your Chiropractor Consultation session today. Check us out on Youtube for more information!

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