Acupuncture is a powerful form of Chinese medicine. The art of acupuncture has been used to improve health for over 2000 years! It was used to treat many kinds of painful conditions including sports injuries, arthritis, neck pain, neuropathy, back pain, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines, and much more. 

In addition, acupuncture helps with internal conditions like digestive disorders, auto-immune conditions, fertility, PMS and menopausal symptoms, stress, insomnia, etc.

What is the Acupuncture Treatment process like?

Acupuncture promotes the natural self-healing process by stimulating acupuncture points. Qi (the energy in our body) is constantly flowing through the body in a system of meridians (energy routes). These meridians run from the finger tips to the toes, and connect with all the internal organs.

Illness arises when the flow of Qi in the meridians becomes unbalanced or gets blocked. When this occurs an acupuncturist can use needles, pressure, cups, or moxabustion, to stimulate specific points on the meridians and restore balance.

How can the body heal itself after acupuncture treatment? 

When a tiny needle is inserted into the body, the nervous system recognizes it as a problem (a foreign object) and tries to fix the area. The body increases the blood circulation in the treated point and flushes the area with fresh blood. So is the needle a problem? No. The real problem is the lack of oxygen, blood stagnation, and the acid environment of the tissue in the injury site. Bringing fresh blood to an area carries oxygen to the tissues and flushes out the acid build up.

Hawaii Natural Therapy team is proud to introduce this old eastern technique to treat the mind and body simultaneously. We believe that acupuncture is a very powerful tool, which can help to reach maximum health and wellbeing.

Support physical & mental well-being with these benefits:

  • Decrease in stress.
  • Reduction in back pain and neck tension.
  • Relieve joint pain in the hands and arms.
  • Headache relief.
  • Reduced eye strain.
  • Enhanced mental clarity.
  • Increase in energy.

Your body is a temple, let us guide you to better health at our clinic near Waikiki, in Honolulu!

There are thousands of methods and tools for you to choose from. Acupuncture is a more holistic approach that touches on more deeply rooted health related concerns. Explore what your well-being looks like and listen to your body, it’s always trying to let you know when something needs attention.

Looking for a great acupuncturist in Waikiki or Honolulu? 

Our professional staff and warm aloha spirit will create your healing oasis! Call us at (808) 200-4611 or request an appointment online to schedule your first session today! Aloha.



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